Ep 3: Advice For New Real Estate Investors

Founding members reveal the biggest stumbling blocks they faced starting out.  Can free legal advice found on the internet be accurate? How t handle squatters in Detroit.  Plus much , much more from active Michigan real estate investors.

Today’s Host: Jeff Shipp
Today’s Guests: David Soble, Paul Beets, Chris Jens

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Time Stamp:
0:00 Intro
5:00 Stumbling blocks as a new investor
5:50 Asset protection
10:00 Legal advice found on the internet can be inaccurate
13:20 Investing in other states – how to manage your entities
15:30 How many properties should be under a single LLC?
22:15 Piercing the corporate veil
24:30 Co-mingling of funds
28:30 Due on Sale Provision
32:00 How to handle squatters – new squatter law
35:00 Building a community through The Network
38:00 Figuring out your niche
41:35 Running the numbers
44:00 Figuring out repair value
47:20 Property management
51:45 Personal perspective of real estate investing
53:05 Books and audio/podcast recommendations
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