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EP 11: How Are You Different?

How to go viral marketing secrets revealed by one of the nation’s most creative...

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EP 10: Networking For Multi Family Projects

Nate shares his tips and tricks on networking for multi-family properties. Frank delivers his...

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Ep 9: Getting Started, Data & Michael Scott

3 new real estate investors spill the beens on what it took to get...

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EP 8: Your Network Is Your Net Worth

Jeff Shipp shares how most of his deals come from networking. Erika, Frank, and...

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EP 7: Airbnb, Marketing & Coffee

How do Airbnb, marketing,. and coffee all come together? #TheNetwork community members spill the...

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EP 6: Motels, Mortgages And Mischief

From motels to mortgages Rocky Billore has seen more than many real estate investors...

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