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Get Your Questions Answered

#TheNetwork Facebook Community offers a place for you to get your real estate investing questions answered.  Thinking about investing in the City of Detroit?  Find out what others have to say.  Where to get the best deals on materials?  Ask the Community.  Looking for that hard-to-find contractor?  They're probably right here on #TheNetwork.

Post & Find Off-Market Properties

Are you a Wholesaler with off-market properties to Sell?  Are you an Investor looking for off-market properties to buy?  Maybe you need funding for a deal?  Inside #TheNetwork Facebook Community you'll find buyers, sellers, lenders the list goes on...Become an active member of our Facebook Group and get connected with successful real estate investors from across the nation who focus in Michigan.

Find & Share Contractors & Service Providers

One of the biggest challenges for investors is who to use to help you buy, sell and even rent your properties.  Learn which contractors and vendors top Michigan real estate investors are using for their deals.  Also if you have someone you're happy with we want you to come on and brag about them.  We want you to Share The Love ❤︎

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Here's what one of our members has to say

Chris Jens

“Connecting with like minded people that help not hate, is inspiring. The group has provided knowledge and encouragement to help me move closer to my goals.”

Chris Jens